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Tested and proven by Fortune 500 companies and successful entrepreneurs, Compass is unlike traditional time and date-driven planners as it uniquely prioritizes the events in your life. Streamline your schedule and accomplish what matters most. Order yours now and receive everything you need to manage your work deadlines, family commitments, and personal goals.

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Daily Action Plan


Cloud Storage


Contact Database


Projects & Lists


Income Tracking


7 Steps to Success



  • Monthly Goals Tracking
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Calendars
  • Web Links
  • Personal Diary
  • And More!

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B. Lawson - Ramona, CA

Student. Mother. Wife.

“...made my life so much easier and provided organization to what can otherwise be chaos.”

B. Raney - Jacksonville, FL


“...very easy to learn, intuitive to use and definitely helps squeeze the most productivity possible out of each day”

T. George - Jacksonville, FL

Executive Assistant

“Meetings are easier to manage, deadlines are prioritized, and by 5:00 there’s a clear record of how productive my day has been. I love it.”


Monthly Goals

  • Drag-and-Drop Feature – Keep all of your monthly goals in one place and assign them a day and month with our drag-and-drop feature

  • Get Specific – Segment and detail your goals so you can reach specific benchmarks each month, whether personal or business

Action Plan

  • Easily Categorize – Assign each item in your day to one of three categories: event, personal, or phone call, and our drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to assign items to their proper place

  • Calculate Your Time – Assigning an amount of time for each item in your daily action plan gives you a better picture of how your time is being spent each day, and in what area

  • Follow-Up Section – Items you don’t check off in a previous day will "follow you" to the next day, keeping you aware of the things you need to accomplish. You’ll never forget another promise! Items stay in your plan until you take action on them, which helps you remember your commitments and provides accountability


  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly – The various calendar components of Compass make it easy for you to view your schedule in whatever way works for you

  • Priority Color System – See your various events in the priority color they were assigned, giving you a great visual way to see how your schedule looks

Projects & Lists

  • Limitless Lists – Create a list for everything you need to, from groceries and gifts to computer passwords and security codes

  • No More Lost Lists – Store them all in your Compass and access them on the go


  • Import Everyone – Import all of your work and personal contacts from LinkedIn, Gmail or Outlook and store them here

  • A-to-Z Organization – The Contacts component organizes your contacts from A to Z, displaying a person’s information in business card format

Personal Diary

  • Memorialize & Track – Remember moments that would get easily lost or thrown away in paper format, and in Compass, they will never be discarded or misplaced

  • Permanently Recorded – Each page of your Compass personal diary can be titled and continually added to

  • Maintain Records – Keep your memories in one secure place, and have continuous, reliable records

Income & Expenses

  • Track Your Spending – Track your income and expenses and associate them with existing or new activities

  • Personal & Business – There are two columns, one for recording personal expenses and the other is for business expenses. NOTE: Business expenses are available only on Business accounts.

Stored Files (Business accounts only)

  • Access Anywhere – Upload and store all your files online so you can access them from anywhere at any time

  • Unlimited & Secure – File types are not limited and your uploads are encrypted with industry standard SSL technology

  • Easily Shared – Share a file with a friend or colleague easily by clicking “Send File” and the recipient will receive an encrypted link to download the file

Seven Steps (Business accounts only)

  • Time-Tested & Proven – Our series of seven steps applies to any business or industry and individual applications

  • Goal-Setting – The system helps you meet goals and keeps you organized with prospects and clients

  • 7 Steps – The steps are: Prospects, Invitations, Pre-Talk, Presentation, Close, Goals and Support; each one is crucial for you to systematically and successfully track prospects from lead to close

Choose your flavor

Personal$9.95 per month

Life is busy and it’s only speeding up, not slowing down. So, trash the sticky notes and get started with a tool that keeps everything in one place. Compass Personal provides just the right features for you to manage your time and eliminate disorganization and over-commitment.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and year calendars
  • Projects and list management
  • Contact database
  • Web links
  • Personal diaries
  • Personal Income and expense tracking

Business$19.95 per month

When you’re in business, productivity is crucial to success. That’s why Compass Business is designed in a way that lets you see how you’re spending your time, and get more done than you used to. Adds the revolutionary “Seven Steps” system, links section and file storage.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and year calendars
  • Projects and list management
  • Contact database
  • Web links
  • Personal diaries
  • Personal Income and expense tracking
  • Business income and expense tracking
  • File storage
  • 7-Steps: a premier lead-to-close application that lets you track potential clients from beginning to end.

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