Compass Features

While all other planners and time management systems – digital or hard copy – are time-and-date based, Compass is event-based. This means that not only can you schedule things to do or places to be, you attach notes, files, contacts, and more to those tasks or events, providing complete preparation and total recall. All of the powerful pieces of Compass work together to create ultimate productivity and event control.

Here are just a few of the results you’ll discover when you start using your Compass system.

Total & complete recall

Using our unique Communications Recap feature, you will never again forget another phone call or conversation! When you create a CR using the planner, you attach it to any contact, providing you with an everlasting record of every conversation, meeting or phone call you’ve had with that person. Never again forget what was said, agreed upon or promised!

Organize contacts & memory

We all have multiple “circles” of people in our lives. Using the Contacts component allows you to organize those people (and their information) by industry, circle or relationship. This way, you can easily know who is in what group, and be able to remember how you are connected.

No files or jump drives

Our unlimited (no upgrade costs, ever!) file storage system lets you leave the piles of papers and folders at home! Lighten your load by putting all necessary files and documents into your Compass, leaving you hands-free and never stressed again about forgetting something important at home or the office. Also, you can access any file from anywhere at any time.

Simple organization and control of your day

Using our Action Plan feature, you are able to organize all of the “stuff” in your day by category: Phone Calls, Events, Personal or Follow-Up. Easy to organize, easy to see, and easy to manage. Using the Action Plan means you are truly in control of where your time and energy goes.

Stress-free planning and schedule insight

Plan a day, a week, or a whole month using our multiple calendar view, including weekly, monthly and yearly views. Using these various views lets you have a comprehensive understanding or what is taking up the most of your and your family’s time.

Accomplishing more with one-click prioritization

Our system lets you assign each task or event with a number based on priority, 1-10. This one-click process gives you the ability to list tasks or events in order of importance, which lets you tackle what’s most important first instead of letting it slide lower on your schedule.

Do, delegate or disregard

Easily assign tasks to a person or yourself, or delete them no longer needed. Also, our check-off system lets you see how much you’ve accomplished. Who doesn’t love a list of checked-off items? This simple visual lets you feel empowered by how much you can get DONE!

Budgeting & finance control

Who doesn’t need to be more organized with their finances and budget? Our income and expenses component gives you powerful results by letting you see and track all expenses, both business and personal. You will feel more in control by having this feature visible to you each and every day, and at your fingerprints for easy review and editing.

No more sticky notes

Finally, you can trash those Post-its and random notes that get stuck everywhere. This is just one result of using our Projects & Lists sections. No more going to the doctor with a scribbled list of medications or forgetting the ideas for a home repair project you want to accomplish. Every list and project is stored and organized in your planner, which you can access from any device. Never lose another important note again!